Technical Revolution/Ethical Evolution

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Speaker Cynthia Sharp

Cynthia Sharp, Esquire (J.D., LL.M. (taxation)) dedicated close to thirty years building a successful estate planning and elder law practice – serving thousands of clients. At the pinnacle of her career, she sold her interest in the practice and established The Sharper Lawyer, a fully accredited CLE provider and attorney business coaching entity. As a professional CLE instructor, Cindy established a national presence as an author and speaker on topics of ethics in the context of practice management, social media and marketing – lecturing extensively to law firms, bar associations and other legal organizations. Cynthia holds leadership positions in the following professional organizations:

- Association of Continuing Legal Education – Co-Chair of the Entrepreneurs Special Interest Group; Member of the Online Community Special Committee; Member of Planning Committee for Fiftieth Anniversary Meeting.

-National Speakers Association – Secretary of Philadelphia Chapter

-American Bar Association – Appointed Member of Publications Board of Solo, Small Firm and General Practice Division (two year term effective August 2013)

Cynthia’s upcoming book entitled “The Lawyer’s Guide to Attaining Financial Security” will be published in 2014 by the Solo, Small Firm and General Practice Division of the ABA. She is also a contributor to the Division’s upcoming publication “The Lawyer’s Guide to Buying, Selling, Merging, and Closing a Law Practice”. E-mail her at or call (609) 923-1017.

About the Program

What You Will Learn

The effectiveness of both client development and retention is dependent upon the mastery of solid networking and communication skills – online and otherwise.
The most compelling reason cited by many lawyers for shying away from the social media revolution is a concern about ethical implications. Indeed, the door has been opened to new, unexplored and perhaps unexpected issues. After all, ANY online post that an attorney makes may be a form of communication and/or advertising governed by the ethics rules in most jurisdictions. This session (which has been attended by hundreds of North American attorneys – live and virtually) outlines and discusses in detail the ethical risks inherent in the utilization of social media and technology and explores their role in the litigation world. Don’t let yourself get inadvertently blindsided!


- Ethical Standards in the areas of Social Media/Technology
- Model Rules of Professional Conduct (adopted August 2012)
- Pertinent ethical rules adopted at the state level
- Nationwide survey of case law and decisions issued by state ethics boards
- Expanded professional duties of confidentiality & more…
- Analysis of new definition of ethical competence (i.e. knowledge of “the benefits and risks associated with technology”

- Common mistakes made by attorneys in website development
- Recent ethical developments applicable to Blawgs
- Detailed discussion of the relevance of the latest Social Media platforms (with a focus on Twitter, Facebook and Linked In) and why lawyers can’t afford to neglect their existence
- Examples of attorneys’ use of social media
- Five Steps toward an effective, inexpensive and ethically compliant social media marketing program.
- Social Media in the Litigation Context
- Discovery and Research
- Spoliation of Evidence and Other Opportunities for Misconduct
- Courtrooms Go Cyber – Vetting Jurors, Jurors Who Tweet,
- The fine art of developing a “cyber filter”
- Cloud Computing – Ethical Issues


“Hi, my name is Cathy Pisciotta. I have been an attorney for more than 20 years and have had the honor of seeing Cindy speak on many occasions. Today, I saw her again and I didn’t think she would have anything new to teach me. Guess what? Unbelievably cutting edge topics! I thought I knew about cutting edge topics in the area of technology as it applies to my practice as a lawyer. She taught me so much that I don’t even know where to start to implement some of the things that she suggested. So, Cindy, you managed to do it again! God bless you! Keep doing it please, we need you! Thanks Cindy!”

“I’ve attended several of Cindy’s programs and they are always well researched, well prepared and well presented. She is thoroughly professional and informative.”
Jack Fleming
Attorney at Law

I highly recommend Cynthia Sharp to any organization looking for a speaker who provides entertainment and thoughtful exploration of these specific practice management topics. There is no doubt that she will be invited back to enlighten and educate Missouri lawyers.”

Delores L. Shepherd
Director of CLE Programs, The Missouri Bar

“I recently attended a MOBAR CLE program taught by Cindy Sharp. Cindy gave us many tools to use to enhance and improve our ability to market our law practice. As she continued her presentation, I realized that she was doing more than just imparting information. Cindy was coaching us. Do not miss the significance that she was coaching us and not just teaching us. Cindy was coaching us to be better marketers.

As Cindy was showing us the specific tool of how to plan our ideal week, I realized that she was doing more than teaching us how to communicate the value of what we do for our clients. Cindy was coaching us that our clients want to have a great experience with us as their lawyer. Cindy was coaching us that we should develop a culture of communication with each client. Cindy was coaching us to deliver value to our clients. She said that our clients will remember how we made them feel. She said we should treat each estate planning client as if they were our mother and father.

The ideal week planning tool was one of many tools she gave to us. In addition to the tools given, she cared about us and wanted us to become better attorneys by becoming better organized and better at delivered our marketing message. Cindy also gave her time to us outside of the seminar. She was encouraging to and interested in us.

I recommend attending any seminar at which she is coaching. Thank you Cindy.”

David E. Woods
Attorney at Law
O’Fallon, MO

This is approved for 3.6 CLE (2.1 Ethics) in Missouri and 3.0 Ethics CLE in North Carolina