Dynamic Presentations Skills for Lawyers Part 2

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Speaker Steve Hughes

Steve Hughes is one of the leading presentation skills trainers in the country. He is President of Hit Your Stride, LLC, a communications consultancy that helps law firms create and deliver world-class presentations. His seminars hasve been featured on National Public Radio and his client roster boasts such blue-chip clients as : Latham & Watkins, Kirkland & Ellis, NALP, the Association of General Counsel, ad the Law School Admissions Council. Steve earned a BA from the University of Kansas and an MBA from Washington University in St. Louis, where he was awarded the presitgious Olin Cup. His seminars have been approved for CLE credit in Illinois, Missouri, Ohio, Oklahoma and Wisconsin.

Why you should attend this seminar

-to enhance your presentation skills

-to better communicate your ideas effectively

-to increase your ability to captivate and persuade others

About this Program

As a smart attorney you know that stellar legal knowledge can only take you so far. To be truly successful and persuasive you need to master the art of influence- and that starts with communicating your ideas effectively to a wide array of audiences. This lively, interactive program will teach you the small, controllable steps anyone can take to increase his or her ability to persuade others. You’ll learn how to instantly build rapport and connect with people from word one. Discover how to make “boring” information more engaging through stories, analogies and humor.

Whether you are taking part in a panel discussion, arguing in court, or presenting your firm to prospects or clients, the real-world information in this seminar can be applied right away. Learn how to avoid the “10 Things Every Audience Hates” and captivate your listeners so that they and retain more of what you’re saying. Incorporate the secrets of stage presence from Broadway and Hollywood into your next presentation. Plus you will learn simple ideas to make your voice mails, conference calls and web meetings more effective. Best of all these skills, will become an asset to you throughout your career.

You will learn:

- How audiences want to receive and process information

- Tell stories and use analogies to get people to “see” what you’re saying

- Use humor to generate appropriate laughter and maintain your credibility

- The secret to handling Q&A with confidence

- Physical delivery skills that resonate with audiences

- Present with high and low-tech visual aids

- Identify the five types of audiences to ensure you use the right approach every time

- Manage and master today’s shrinking attention span

- Use PowerPoint tricks to make your content come to life

- 16 strategies for managing your nerves

- Capitalize on the ’30-Second Window” and make a strong first impression to put the wind at your back

- Avoid distracting habits that take the focus off your message

- Discover the only way you should ever end a presentation (and it’s not Q&A)

- Seven ways to hone your skills between presentations

- Leave with action-oriented tips and ideas you can apply right away


“This is the first full-day CLE that I stayed the entire session. Well done.”
“This is the kind of program we should have every time.”
“Steve delivered one of the best CLE programs we have ever offered.”
“Well worth your non-billable time.”
“Excellent seminar. I learned a lot.”

This seminar has been approved for CLE credit in Missouri (3.6 hours), North Carolina (3.0 hours) and Georgia (3.hours)