Legal Seminar Institute was founded on the principle of providing attorneys with the highest quality continuing legal education possible.  LSI  provides both live seminars and webcasts.  The webcasts are streamed live over the internet allowing to attend and participate anywhere you have access to a computer. Our goal is provide useful information that can immediately be implemented into your practice.  This allows you to become a better attorney and enable you to better serve you clients.

LSI has a distinguished faculty featuring the finest legal educators in the county.  LSI’s faculty have presented countless seminars all over the country.  The faculty are nationally recognized legal experts.  The seminars provide informative, educational and practical information that can be immediately applied to your practice.

Upcoming Seminars

Steve Hughes-”Dynamic Presentation Skills for Lawyers Part 1″ Coming soon

Steve Hughes-”Dynamic Presentation Skills for Lawyers Part 2″ Coming Soon

Cynthia Sharp-”Strategies for Taking Charge of Your Law Firm” Coming Soon

Cynthia Sharp-”Technical Revolution/Ethical Evolution” Coming Soon

Dr. Daniel Dugan- “Story-Telling Model” Coming Soon

Dr. Daniel Dugan- “A Picture is Worth 999 Words” Coming Soon